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PR & Media Buying

Communication is the most important tool used in product placement. The channel and mode of communication is what will give a company a chance to stand out in the current competitive market share. As Aknotela, we customize communication materials according to a company’s need, that is relatable to its target market. Analytical insights are performed to optimize and retarget messaging and maximize engagement.

We Provide:

  • ✔️Facilitating Brand Partnerships
  • ✔️Media Features i.e. Interviews and Articles
  • ✔️Advertisement/Infomercials
  • ✔️Media Buying
  • ✔️Launch & Learn
  • ✔️Content Production
  • ✔️Marketing Strategy & Planning.
  • ✔️Damage Control.

Ground Activation & Product Launches

We bridge the gap between the manufacturer and the consumer. The only way your consumers will interact with your product is through ground activations.

We provide;

  • ✔️Skilled and passionate salesladies/men for activations.
  • ✔️Roadshow truck branding.
  • ✔️All required government/county licenses for roadshow activities.
  • ✔️A detailed ground activation road map.
  • ✔️Product consumption research.
  • ✔️Still and motion documentation.
  • ✔️Build a retailer database with local sellers.

Ground Activations Objectives
Aknotela will seek to embark on a value-driven guerrilla marketing approach that will capitalize on the high-traffic market/shopping center.
The agency’s key objectives during the marketing/sensitization storm will include (not limited to);

  • Create awareness amongst existing and potential customers in areas the road show is to take place while sensitizing the market to establish a reliable potential new-customer database at either the wholesale/retail level.
  • Build consumer trust in the brand and its offerings: Develop trust in the brand to generate consumer loyalty and repeat purchases/restocks. Aknotela will even use this loyalty to increase sales on the activation of D-day by developing word-of-mouth and referral marketing a day before.
  • To drive consumer engagement: Brand activation helps in creating a link or a bridge between the customer and the brand, resulting in consumer engagement.

Ground Activations Execution Plan


  • – Shop to Shop Visits by Aknotela Brand Ambassadors/salesladies and men accompanied by the area sales team.
  • – Engage potential kiosk owners using brand collaterals, e.g. branded merchandise, product sample(s), etc.
  • – Conduct quick word-of-mouth brand education segments with interested/potential shop owners, on-lookers, and the general public.
  • – Negotiate shelf listing.
  • – Brand convenient shops with posters.

The Client

  • – Assist Aknotela in developing a viable route for the roadshow roadmap.
  • – Assist Aknotela in identifying areas that you have low sales, (they will be prioritized in activation).
  • – Provide branded merchandise to assist in market/consumer sensitization.
  • – Accompany team Aknotela to develop a potential customers database to be used on the activation D-day.


We Aknotela specialize in doing research on the company’s need of marketing. We package, brand and customize the company’s marketing materials, that will make the company’s product consumer friendly.

We provide;

  • ✔️Concept Development
  • ✔️Content Creation
  • ✔️Artwork Creation
  • ✔️Negotiating best rates for OOH advertising (billboards, digital screens)
  • ✔️Media Planning and Buying
  • ✔️Branding & Merchandising

Social Media Management

Mobile Internet users in Kenya and around the world are growing rapidly in user numbers. This makes it difficult for any brand to ignore its online community. Aknotela manages social media assets on behalf of brands.

Below are our services;

  • ✔️Daily posts to keep the pages active.
  • ✔️Create a weekly social media calendar.
  • ✔️Create a content calendar.
  • ✔️Run social media campaigns to promote products.
  • ✔️Copyrighting.
  • ✔️Create social media campaigns for product awareness and brand visibility.
  • ✔️Create the brand’s social media look and feel.
  • ✔️Grow social media followers count.
  • ✔️Provide social media customer care services.
  • ✔️Run Ads/ Facebook white listing of pages.
  • ✔️Monthly social media analysis report.

Branding & Graphics

We create designs that highlight your brand, are more eye catching and improve brand visibility, presence and communication with your customers with the help of great graphics.

We provide;

  • ✔️Corporate & Product Identity
  • ✔️Email Marketing
  • ✔️Product Brochures, Banners, Posters and Flyers
  • ✔️Signage Design & Production
  • ✔️Social Media Graphics