Ground Activation & Product Launches

We bridge the gap between the manufacturer and the consumer. The only way your consumers will interact with your product is through ground activations.

We provide;

  • ✔️Skilled and passionate salesladies/men for activations.
  • ✔️Roadshow truck branding.
  • ✔️All required government/county licenses for roadshow activities.
  • ✔️A detailed ground activation road map.
  • ✔️Product consumption research.
  • ✔️Still and motion documentation.
  • ✔️Build a retailer database with local sellers.

Ground Activations Objectives
Aknotela will seek to embark on a value-driven guerrilla marketing approach that will capitalize on the high-traffic market/shopping center.
The agency’s key objectives during the marketing/sensitization storm will include (not limited to);

  • Create awareness amongst existing and potential customers in areas the road show is to take place while sensitizing the market to establish a reliable potential new-customer database at either the wholesale/retail level.
  • Build consumer trust in the brand and its offerings: Develop trust in the brand to generate consumer loyalty and repeat purchases/restocks. Aknotela will even use this loyalty to increase sales on the activation of D-day by developing word-of-mouth and referral marketing a day before.
  • To drive consumer engagement: Brand activation helps in creating a link or a bridge between the customer and the brand, resulting in consumer engagement.

Ground Activations Execution Plan


  • – Shop to Shop Visits by Aknotela Brand Ambassadors/salesladies and men accompanied by the area sales team.
  • – Engage potential kiosk owners using brand collaterals, e.g. branded merchandise, product sample(s), etc.
  • – Conduct quick word-of-mouth brand education segments with interested/potential shop owners, on-lookers, and the general public.
  • – Negotiate shelf listing.
  • – Brand convenient shops with posters.

The Client

  • – Assist Aknotela in developing a viable route for the roadshow roadmap.
  • – Assist Aknotela in identifying areas that you have low sales, (they will be prioritized in activation).
  • – Provide branded merchandise to assist in market/consumer sensitization.
  • – Accompany team Aknotela to develop a potential customers database to be used on the activation D-day.
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