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Our Services


In the world of business, communication is a strong bond that connects brand and the consumer. By understanding your brand’s needs and its consumer, we specialize in develop and progressing a relationship between them through advertising.

Brand Identity

From initial conceptualization of a new brand, identifying brand strategy to even re-branding an organization, we have the expertise to understand the fundamental elements that shape and impact a brand.

Digital & Web Design

We live in a digital world, which has opened a forum of new possibilities of communication. We assess and develop your presence to ensure it is being used to its full potential.

Custom Publication

Corporate and retail brands need to engage with their stakeholders and consumers on a regular basis. Our publication arm can develop and support regular custom-designed periodicals and newsletters to connect you and your audience. We have a network of Kenyan media houses that allows us to do this.

Celebrity Endorsement

One of our strong points allows us to use our network of celebrity brands that help publicize company’s AD campaigns

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