Social Media Management

Mobile Internet users in Kenya and around the world are growing rapidly in user numbers. This makes it difficult for any brand to ignore its online community. Aknotela manages social media assets on behalf of brands.

Below are our services;

  • ✔️Daily posts to keep the pages active.
  • ✔️Create a weekly social media calendar.
  • ✔️Create a content calendar.
  • ✔️Run social media campaigns to promote products.
  • ✔️Copyrighting.
  • ✔️Create social media campaigns for product awareness and brand visibility.
  • ✔️Create the brand’s social media look and feel.
  • ✔️Grow social media followers count.
  • ✔️Provide social media customer care services.
  • ✔️Run Ads/ Facebook white listing of pages.
  • ✔️Monthly social media analysis report.
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